Download here your first Teaching and Learning Units

A number of materials to help you bring Get Up and Goals! Big Ideas into your classroom are now available. The Teaching and Learning Units (TLUs), created by teachers and tested with European students, can be downloaded here.

TLUs are tools to help you talk about the four Big Ideas – Climate change, Gender inequalities, International inequalities and Global migrations – through modular and multidisciplinary paths. TLUs’ modular architecture lets teachers decide whether they want to use the whole path or only some parts of it, while always retaining the overall meaning.

TLUs have been created according to two approaches. The constructivist one leads students towards a progressive passage from a naïve knowledge to an expert one. The other approach – called “meta-cognition” – stimulates students’ to reflect on what they have learnt and through what mechanisms, while strengthening the key competence of “learning to learn”.

The learning methods are not limited to front lectures. In fact, they focus on interactivity and include games, simulations and conceptual maps designed to enhance individual and collective reasoning as well as the creation and exchange of new ideas.

All paths also require students to produce things with their dexterity and creativity, to use multimedia materials and design events to let the whole community take part to their projects.

Some of the subjects of our TLUs are listed below:

  • Climate change: global warming, greenhouse effect, sustainability, climate migrants’ phenomenon, sustainable, critical and conscious consumption, ecological footprint, waste;
  • Gender inequalities: patriarchal and matriarchal societies, stereotypes and prejudices, difference between equity and gender equality, control of power, discrimination, gender violence and femicide, gender pay gap, state laws and international conventions;
  • International inequalities: colonialism, capitalism, delocalized labour, conflicts, health systems, microcredit, fair trade;
  • Global migrations: the ideas of State and Nation, belonging and cultural identity, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, current and historical migrations, passport, Visa and other documents.

The TLUs page will be constantly updated with new entries up until October 2020. So, in order to never miss one please keep following us here and on our Facebook page and Newsletter!

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