“Get Up And Goals! - Education And COVID-19: The Imperative Of Global Citizenship Education”

The international coordinators of the Get up and Goals! project decided to take the most of the pandemic situation we are facing relating it with the competences of Global Citizenship Education, writing the article “Get Up And Goals! - Education And COVID-19: The Imperative Of Global Citizenship Education”. Besides the dissemination done through the communication channels of the project, the text was invited to be published in the 10th issue of the journal Sinergias - Educational Dialogues for Social Change.

This issue is dedicated to Development Education & Global Citizenship Education within the 2030 Agenda: learnings and challenges for collaboration among actorsIt problematizes future paths that can help us solve the present crisis we live in. We are not only speaking about the present sanitary crisis. But also the structural factors that discriminate us as human beings with basic rights of existence and that divide us in privileged and disadvantaged, “developed” and “under-developed”, the ones who live and the ones who survive.   

As mentioned in the article The present and the past require interdisciplinary competences, critical thinking, capacity for imaginA(C)TION, the ability to look at things from different perspectives and to understand interconnections. Now more than ever, the GCE approach (together with improvement of basic competences) is essential and proves itself to be one of the pivotal ingredients in what Enrico Giovannini, Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS)’s spokesman, defines as the transformative resilience: ‘the capacity not only to go back as we were, after a shock, but also to bounce forward to transform ourselves in our better version’”.

May we all be able to do this and become the best version of ourselves!

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