Would you like to know how climate change works and how we can stop it? How inequalities develop? If they are inevitable? What pushes people to migrate? How can gender norms affect inequalities between men and women? What actually is sustainable development?

Studying such big issues can be a very stimulating activity and can help us linking our everyday life with relevant global events. It can show us how subjects such as economics, geography, history or physics can become important tools to help us answer the big questions of the present times.

Global Citizenship Education brings this type of reflections - and many others - in the school programs, making them more participatory, connected to the big global issues of the present, and capable of stimulating changes in our behaviours. 

Through our resources we want to help you think over sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence and the protection of all eco-systems. And we want to help you understand that you, as a GLOBAL CITIZEN, are completely involved in all of them.   

This website offers you a selection of materials to understand, reflect and take action:

  • The Big Ideas – a selection of relevant topics and events to help you focus and learn more about climate change, international inequalities, gender inequalities and  migrations.

“This book is about your history, our history. It is not crowded with king’s names, dates and events you would probably forget after few months. It is not a history of your country, as nations are very young political formations: their history is not able to give account of our past as humans on this planet. This book tells another story, a story about the planet on which you are born and live. It is a story about planet Earth and the humans who have inhabited it, and above all about their fascinating and often troublesome relation”.


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