Climate change

Climate change is a theme that affects all human beings, it touches every area of the planet, it is an urgent issue, it is related to individual and collective behaviour and requires an adequate level of interdisciplinary knowledge to be dealt with effectively.

Get up and goals! has selected some topics that at school you can't not know.

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Get Up And Goals! contributes to the commitment of the European Union on climate change. Watch the video below.


This question can have many answers. Below we have chosen to present five wide-ranging ones, with which we will try to summarize the main social and didactic motivations behind the choice…
Climate change has conditioned the fate of humankind throughout the course of its existence and some examples can demonstrate this. The cold climate and the consequent drop in the level of the…
The Get up and goals! project has produced three concrete tools in 12 languages to address both climate change and three other major global issues in daily teaching: a global geo-history…