Get up and Goals Italy

Get up and Goals Italy

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At the closure of the 3-years project the 14 partners of Get Up and Goals! are organizing an event to get teachers, educators and institutions together.

In times that some call a pan-crisis, the challenges that our environment and our societies are facing are incre

This website features a new section dedicated to geo-history maps, a useful and interactive tool to accompany students in their path towards Global history.

The teaching of Global history finds in geo-history maps a powerful aid tool. That is why our tex

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the examples of discontinuity in social life which are usually the object of study for historians. Even without the benefit of historical hindsight, it is already possible to observe some changes in our way of thinking, living and teaching. As in any crisis situation, as well as the evident suffering, it is also p

This article is the third of the series: "GCE: Instructions for use". Download all articles on the dedicated section of our Library.


This article is the second of the series: "GCE: Instructions for use". Download all articles on the dedicated section of our Library.

Curriculum design: a fundamental aspect of the teacher's professionalism<

The emperor penguin, the crane, the swallow, the hummingbird, the European turtledove and the alpine sparrow, among others, are examples of birds that can help us remember the United Nations 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The publication "17 birds for 17 SDGs" links each objective with a bird

This article is the first of the series: "GCE: Instructions for use". Download all articles on the dedicated section of our Library.

1. Experiences from projects in schools: positive, but....

The Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), in collaboration with the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics of the ESADE Academic Institution (EsadeGeo), issues an annual document to highlight the themes that will mark the international agenda, as well as collect the feedback from different group

Last November, the Get up and goals! team took part in the global event Envision 4.7 in Helsinki. 

We brought our contribution to Global Citizenship Education, facilitating a workshop called Innovation in teaching GCE: cha

Teacher, trainer and school editor for over twenty years, Anna Favalli is part of the team that created the Global Geohistory Manual just published as part of the Get Up and Goals! Project.

As well as the other educational resources of the project - 

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