Global Citizenship Education: from School’s problems to youth training

Starting today, this website is enriched with “GCE, instructions for use”, a new section containing a series of theoretical and practical texts on Global Citizenship Education (GCE), useful to bring GCE into your classrooms starting from the educational resources published on this website. The series frames the problems faced by today’s School and, generally speaking, by anyone training young people: a globalisation that requires a global vision of any issue, digital technologies that offer at once new ways and new risks to reach knowledge, changes in the work world that require different skills and self-consciousness, the potential of science and technology that forces us to reflect on our ethical and value choices.

Each text is about a specific topic, is quite short and can stand alone. However, a fil rouge links all texts so to create a series combining Global Citizenship Education with the current learning theories and with the debate on the need to change the School system in order to educate young people of the XXI century.

The series, curated by CISP, is written by Marina Medi.
Marina Medi teached Italian and history. She trains teachers since 1993, especially on the design of history programs. She is a member of a number of teachers’ associations in Italy.

The first issue of the new series – Global Citizenship Education: a need for young people and a commitment for schools – is now available for free download. In the coming weeks we will publish the next issues and will let you know via Facebook. Don’t forget to like us and subscribe to our Newsletter.


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