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Get up and Goals team

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We are happy to announce that a number of our Teaching and Learning Units have been translated in English so to reach a wider audience.

As our readers already know, one of the objectives of the Get Up And Goals! project is developing resources to help European teachers

*This article was written by Ms. Jacquie Ayre, Global Learning Education officer at the Liverpool World Centre (LWC), UK partner of the Get Up and Goals! project.
Below you can find extracts of the article.

This article was written by Mella Cusack, Irish coordinator of GET UP AND GOALS! In Ireland, the project is coordinated by A Partnership with Africa, with co-funding from Irish Aid. In 2018, Mella was commissioned to write the National Council for Curriculum Association (NCCA) Study of

  • They live according to the principles of sustainability
  • They bring Global Citizenship Education in class everyday
  • They act with their students to raise awareness among communities
  • They share strategies and ideas with colleagues and parents

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the examples of strong discontinuity in social life, already changing something in our way of thinking, living and teaching. 

The current public health emergency is reminding us that only one habitable planet exists, that interdependency among nations, human beings and ecosystems cannot be ignored wit

Welcome to the UK version of the Global History of Humanity

The purpose of this textbook

You have in front of you a History textbook for secondary level education that provides four things:

  • a comprehensive sweep of world history, within three linked volumes; 
  • a set of four lenses with which to vi

By participating to the campaign you will have the opportunity to become an active testimonial of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda in the European schools.
You will become a positive influencer for your friends and for all the people living in your country and in Europe.

Recruiting rules

The first global geo-history textbook for students across Europe!

12 countries, 1 text

The Get up and goals! project provides history teachers of secondary school students with an innovative school textbook on geo-history based on a global history, (or world history) approach. The textb

The first Get Up and Goals! international seminar for teachers took place in Olomouc, Czech Republic, on March 21st to 23rd , where ARPOK organized an event attended by teachers from six participant countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Portug

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