Ready, steady, go! It’s global education time

Dear friends,

The Get Up and Goals! website is now live, and we are very excited to being able to offer you lots of information, ideas and resources to help you getting actively involved in the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

This website is for:

  • European teachers willing to work on Global Citizen Education (GCE) – officially encouraged by UNESCO – and looking for didactic resources to teach through a cross-cutting approach, as well as gatherings, trainings and activities to meet like-minded colleagues.
  • European students willing, together with their teachers and classmates, to have a better understanding of the world and its interconnections in order to become real global citizens.
  • European school heads willing to stimulate their teachers towards the GCE approach and all school-players to contribute to the 2030 Agenda.
  • European organizations involved in educational research and willing to spread our free teaching and learning resources, which will be available in 12 European languages.

Get Up and Goals! is focused on 4 hot topics – or global issues – among the 17 SDGs. The topics – gender inequalities, climate change, migrations, and international inequalities – will be examined through a wide range of didactic resources, which will be published along the way. They are: strategic information for the global citizens (here called big ideas), teaching and learning units (TLUs), a 3-volumes geo-history book, self assessment tools (SATs), and a library.

In order to help you getting around such topics and all activities and resources Get Up and Goals! will develop and publish on this website in the upcoming months, we have added a News section.

The News section will keep you all up to date on what is going on about SDGs and among all players already taking part to the Get Up and Goals! project across Europe. The project involves 14 European partners as well as Ministries of Education, Universities, Local Authorities, 120 educational institutions, 900 teachers, and 9600 students. The project also includes an additional awareness campaign that will engage with 20,000 further teachers.

The News section will be regularly updated with information on:

  • Newly-released didactic resources, which will be uploaded on this international website and, once translated, also on the national websites of the European countries taking part to the project. Such resources will be available to anyone for free download, so spread the word!
  • Reports and information on international seminars, trainings and other activities organized by Get Up and Goals! and taking place all around Europe to allow teachers and organizations to meet up and exchange good practices and ideas.
  • Recurring updates about particularly interesting findings, experiences or progresses at national level, which could inspire other country’s partners to better implement the Get Up and Goals! scopes.
  • Relevant news on the 17 SDGs and the four global issues of our focus, helping all of us keeping up with the international debate on such crucial matters.
  • Be involved!

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    And don’t forget: each partner has its own website in its own language. Find yours and follow that, too.

    Ready, steady, go! The run has just started.

Last modified on Monday, 08 April 2019 18:42