Wednesday, 28 August 2019
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The new activities of Get Up and Goals in Poland

Since the holidays are over really soon, the new activities of Get Up and Goals in Poland are prepared and ready to begin! The schools engaged in the project are in two main cities of Pomeranian region – Gdynia and Gdańsk.

Primary schools and high schools’ teachers, students and headmasters are about to start or continue the journey with Global Citizenship Education (GCE) through activities like testing teaching learning units, organizing raising awareness actions and testing new geo-history manual.

In each school there is a teacher-coordinator of the project that took part in GCE training of Get Up and Goals project.

Katarzyna Skibowska-Bąkała, an English teacher from Gdynia’s high school says: "Get Up and Goals project is the first I got involved in the context of GCE. The ideas of GCE are particularly close my heart because they shape attitudes based on open-mindedness, tolerance and responsibility for the world around us. I am deeply convinced that only an engaged teacher is able to shape right competences. If we want to do that, we should start with ourselves. And so I try to do. I believe in the power of education."

Marian Pułtuski, an ethics and philosophy teacher from Gdańsk’s high school shares: "The topic of global problems facing humanity today is an issue that has interested me for a long time. However, I did not have the opportunity before, due to many other activities, to seriously consider how to combine my interests into my classes. Get Up and Goals project perfectly met my expectations, which is why I took part in the training without hesitation and I intend to implement the project at my school. I am especially enthusiastic about the opportunity to test various tools."

"New school year is going to bring a lot of activities and, hopefully, changes towards better future: The topics of this projects are very important, it’s our duty as teachers to bring up a society that is more responsible and sensitive to the issues of our world. Let’s do it now!" says Sebastian Ropel, a geography teacher of Gdynia’s high school and primary school.

We keep our fingers crossed for positive outcomes of the project!



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