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Na Styku

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Na Styku Association (Get up and Goals Poland) is happy to share a game for students “We Are All Migrants”. Thanks to the cooperation with the Social Development Department of the Municipal Office in Gdańsk and the Council of Migrants in Gdańsk, we created a l

Since the holidays are over really soon, the new activities of Get Up and Goals in Poland are prepared and ready to begin! The schools engaged in the project are in two main cities of Pomeranian region – Gdynia and Gdańsk.

Primary schools and high schools’ teachers, students and headmasters are about to start or con

This TLU is an introduction to the topic of gender inequalities. Students will discuss the difference between gender and sex, understand the concept of gender inequality, identify stereotypes on the basis of sex and the threats of gender discrimination. They will also become aware of the universal dimension of human rights.