Thursday, 28 March 2019

Lectures and workshops: the first experiences from Italy


Education is the passport to the future,
for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcom X


Raising global citizens and giving them what it takes to face the complex challenges of the world of tomorrow: such is, today, the role of School, a role in which Get Up and Goals! is actively involved, together with teachers from across Europe.

In the current scenario, climate change, migration, gender inequalities and international inequalities are paramount issues. In order teach our students how to deal with them, it is crucial to highlight their complexity and look at sustainable development through the lens of those political, economic, social and cultural interconnections it generates. Get Up and Goals! has chosen to promote the study of such issues through the Global Citizen Education (GCE) approach, as recommended by UNESCO.

In 2018, hundreds of teachers and school heads have already taken part in a number of seminars organized by the project’s partners all over Europe, and today we are happy to share with you some information on last autumn’s Italian seminars.

In Italy, seminars have been organized in the regions of Lazio and Marche by CISP and CVM. They focused on two main goals: helping attendees enhance their didactic skills, and giving them the right tools to develop original Teaching and Learning Units (TLUs) on the hot topics of the 2030 United Nations’ Agenda.

The numbers

CISP: 2 seminars, 2 cities, 4 schools, 46 teachers involved.
CVM: 4 seminars, 3 cities, 15 schools, 77 teachers involved.


The seminars offered lecturers and workshops and were held by specialists from the most important national institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, ASviS, Fondazione Agnelli, and several Italian Universities.

As a result, new Teaching and Learning Units were developed during the workshops through the proposed interdisciplinary methodology and are currently being tested in the classrooms of the teachers involved in the project. Feedbacks are on the way, both from students and from the teachers themselves.

The final outputs of the studies, together with the ones produced by other partners, will be published on the designated Resources section of this website, where they will be available for free download in the upcoming months.


We have gathered a couple of comments given by our seminar’s participants. They strengthened our commitment to the project as well as the belief that such trainings are not only relevant, but also truly useful for teachers, students and, ultimately, all citizens.

"All comments I heard around are pretty much the same as mine: too often trainings and courses are boring, repetitive and irrelevant.

This time, however, there was a real difference, also confirmed by the attention and enthusiasm of everyone involved.

As for the SDG5 (the one about gender inequalities, Ed.), I really liked Marcella Corsi: a woman with an exorbitant energy and an immense communicator."

Gabriella Cerretti - Educational coordinator

“Thanks to EAS CVM our students are growing up aware of the most important values for future global citizens.

Such a comprehensive and meticulous daily work about these subjects is also raising civic consciousness in parents and the general public.”

Franca Maurizio - Teacher

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