Become a testimonial!

By participating to the campaign you will have the opportunity to become an active testimonial of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda in the European schools.
You will become a positive influencer for your friends and for all the people living in your country and in Europe.

Recruiting rules

Teachers, school administrators and middle and high school students can become testimonials of the campaign. 

They must be resident in a European Union country

To participate, they must:

How to partecipate

To partecipate to the GetUpAndGoals! Testimonial campaign it is sufficient to:

  • select the topic (s) for which you want to become a testimonial

  • send a picture according to the Picture Requirements;

  • create a short Claim (Slogan) according to the topic you have chosen (maximum 5 words), starting using the sentence “Hey, Teacher” (in your country language)

  • create a short text (max 40 words) over your engagement into the selected topic, containing your name and the name of your school (in your country language)

Pictures requirements

  • The photo should always be taken over a white background

  • Bright clothing colors

  • Smiling faces and look at the camera

  • The photo may include one or even two subjects

  • No close-ups, no full figures, yes in half-figure (from the waist up)

  • Homogeneous lighting, no accented shadows, no chiaroscuro, no blur

  • The subjects should "act", i.e. avoid too static postures

  • The subjects can be portrait with objects typical of the teachers/students or which foresees the theme, the GCE, etc. But be careful not to use objects that clutter too much and that could disturb the reading of the message (attached an image of the safe area in which to place the testimonial)

  • Photos can be made preferably with a camera. Alternatively, they can be made with latest generation mobile phones and in high definition modality

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