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Economic Migration Lessons and Resources

Written by Liverpool World Centre

How do we help pupils understand the issue of Economic Migration?

Let’s take action to share our ideas on the complex global phenomenon of the movement of people who seek a better life.

In these lessons, the focus is on the sustainable development goals that relate to migration. This includes SDG 10 which is about ‘reducing inequality among countries’ and SDG 8 which is about ‘Decent work and Economic Growth’.

The aim is to help young people have a greater understanding of the vulnerability of migrants and the ease with which they can be exploited and ultimately dehumanised. We offer reliable and accurate facts relating to economic migration that will build knowledge and help pupils reflect on the links between economic migration and the right to decent work, a decent standard of living and a life where you have the freedom to learn and live where your talents are best fulfilled.

These lessons will help teachers tackle this important but sometimes sensitive subject which can be difficult in a classroom when pupils have varying understanding and experience of the issue. Pupils will have opportunities to explore their current thinking and evaluate future actions. The unit materials have a focus on ‘people and their experience’ and pupils are able to explore the causes, aims and outcomes of a migration journey. The lessons look at all journeys, both local, national and international as well as historical migration movements such as that caused by the Irish famine.


  • Age: 11-13, 14-16
  • Global thematics: Migrations
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English