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Looking at teaching about Gender Equality

A reflection from Jacquie Ayre, Global Learning Education Officer of our UK partner, about Get Up and Goals! latest international teachers' seminar. 


Liverpool World Centre was delighted to attend a recent International Conference in Senigallia, Italy hosted by CVM and our project partner CISP

This was an important part of our Get up and Goals! project, where 12 countries work together to promote Global Learning and raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. In Senigallia we had an interesting agenda and discussed topics ranging from how to teach about gender inequality in schools, how to use a self-assessment tool for ‘The Global School’ delivered by Adam Ranson from Leeds DEC and how to influence policy-makers.

One of the lectures entitled ‘Women rights and gender equality in Tanzania’  was delivered by ROSEMARIA MWAIPOPO – Professor of Social Anthropology at Dar est. Salaam University (Tanzania). This gave an insight into the issues that women in Tanzania face every day. This is a country of 55 million people and women have a life expectancy of 67. Many steps have been taken since the 1950s to ensure that women are able to participate at all levels in society. Education is free with gender parity in primary and secondary schools and in Higher Education mainstreaming gender as an issue is mandatory where all young people are taught about gender equality. However, only 30% of the HEI staff are female although many efforts are being made to improve this figure. 

Professor Rosemaria gave a brief history of the route towards gender equality in Tanzania and referred to President Nyerere who worked hard to get women’s’ rights taken seriously. He stated that "every citizen is an integral part of the nation and has the right to take an equal part in government at local, regional and national levels.". In addition, he introduced a 50-50 demand for representation in the Parliament or any posts in the public and even private sector. He also said "Every individual has a right to dignity and respect," and acknowledged that everyone needs to be respected regardless of gender, religion or tribe affiliation. His famous quote is below and has helped support people in the country as they have worked hard to tackle this issue since the 1950s. :

"Women, you were created in the image of God, but people have made you think that you are chickens, and you yourselves also think so; but you are actually eagles. Straighten your wings and fly, do not be content with chicken feed. With your own efforts and with the support of your friends take yourselves out of this state of weakness in which you are today, so that you can enjoy freedom and justice in a peaceful world!"

The conference was inspiring and if the Gender Equality SDG target is to be met by 2030 all teachers [along with many other professionals] will need to consider how to deliver this in the classroom. This will continue to be a vital part of the Get Up and Goals project and the delivery of the Teaching and Learning Units

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