Education is both a goal in itself and a means for attaining all the other SDGs. That is why education represents an essential strategy in the pursuit of the SDGs (UNESCO 2017).

Small and big events affecting our societies and our personal lives are linked to what happens to the environment and the rest of humanity. In the same

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On November 20th, 2020 the final international multistakeholder seminar of GET UP AND GOALS!  has taken place. The virtual event was attended by 80+ representatives of Min

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At the closure of the 3-years project the 14 partners of Get Up and Goals! are organizing an event to get teachers, educators and institutions together.

In times that some call a pan-crisis, the challenges that our environment and our societies are facing are incre

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Trainining Learning Unit (TLU) in English about Climate Change and how to deal with this issue in relation with other values related to Education for Global Citizenship. It contains a brief introduction about the TLU topics, detailed activities for teachers to introduce the mentioned topics and using group dynamics and non-formal techniques.

We are happy to announce that a number of our Teaching and Learning Units have been translated in English so to reach a wider audience.

As our readers already know, one of the objectives of the Get Up And Goals! project is developing resources to help European teachers

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Global inequality has reached enormous dimensions - despite international efforts it continues to increase in many areas of life: 1% of the world's population still has more wealth than the rest of the world all together, the number of billionaires has never grown as fast as in 2017 - it increased every other day. According to a recent study by

This article is the third of the series: "GCE: Instructions for use". Download all articles on the dedicated section of our Library.


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The 2nd follow-up meeting of the Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education (GDE) took place in Budapest on the 23 May 2019, in the Council of Europe Youth Centre.

It was organised by the North-South Centre and was hosted by the Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Hum

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