Get up and Goals!

This question can have many answers. Below we have chosen to present four wide-ranging ones, with which we will try to summarise the main social and didactic reasons behind the choice to address this issue in schools.

  1. International inequalities profoundly influence the possibilities of access to a dignified 

climate changeBig ideas on Climate change

Today’s climate change is a long-term, large-scale rise in Earth’s global average temperature, causing shifts in weather patterns. Some models pred

Although a certain degree of internal inequality among social groups within the same territory, country, empire has existed almost everywhere in history, the phenomenon of international inequality is relatively recent and at the same time has established itself with an uncommon speed and breadth. While the authori

The Get up and goals! project has produced three tools in 12 languages to address international inequality as well as other major global issues in daily teaching: a global geo-history textbook, a set of

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